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About Mike


Naturally creative, with demonstrated talents in design, web development, illustration and writing, Mike found a passion for problem solving and delivering innovative solutions. He is an experienced web developer with strengths in customizing and building web applications from design compositions using several technologies while adhering to web and SEO standards. He later learned about analytics and site metrics where he became interested in understanding the user’s digital journey and how analyzing those behaviours can lead to crafting better digital experiences.


Mike graduated with honours from BCIT with a focus on Web Development. He learned from several industry professionals in design, information architecture, project management, and programming in several scripting languages. For his internship, he joined a startup called CellMap, which created custom maps for mobile phones (keep in mind this was before phone apps as we know them now. This was a Java application that had to be manually installed onto cellphones). CellMap won Best Mobile Application at PopVox Awards in 2008. CellMap eventually merged with Conquer Mobile.


Mike spent several years working on digital marketing projects, tracking implementations and data analysis for several major companies, including Nissan, AT&T, and SAP, while working for a global, award-winning, full service advertising agency. As a web developer for previous agencies, he has worked on WordPress and Drupal applications, ecommerce solutions, and political campaigns. Mike has lead projects, built applications, troubleshooting/bug fixing, mentored interns, and written documentation, while working in fast-paced, deadline crucial environments; Mike tends to thrive in high pressure situations.

Creative, intelligent, resourceful, hardworking, analytical, and a dedicated team player.

Community and Public Speaking

While in Calgary, with much experience working with WordPress theme and plugin development and being an active member in the local tech community, Mike spoke at a couple WordPress events, including WordCamp YYC 2013: Please Respond! Responsive design and why your site needs it, and WordCamp YYC 2014: Advanced Theming with HTML5.

Work History Map

A Google Map mashed up with my Work History. My resume lists places in Calgary and Vancouver, so I thought it would make for an interesting visual presentation of my work history to implement them as locations on a Google Map.

  • Click the cities to switch locations.
  • Click the companies to learn more on them.
  • Click the markers to open the info window.

For a more detailed view of my work history, please visit LinkedIn:

Technical Experience

Web Development


  • JavaScript/ES6
  • Java/JSTL
  • Python
  • Third-Party APIs (Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp)

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Adobe CQ/AEM


  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Angular
  • React


  • Git
  • Atlassian SourceTree/BitBucket/FishEye
  • Gulp/Grunt
  • Charles Proxy
  • Middleman

Marketing Science

  • Google Analytics
  • GTM (Google Tag Manager)
  • Adobe’s DTM (Dynamic Tag Manager)
  • Adobe Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Adobe Target
  • Facebook Business Manager and Pixel Tracking


  • Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • Google Documents/Sheets/Slides
  • Atlassian JIRA/Confluence
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Documentation Writing
  • Adobe CS/CC

Passion Projects

These are projects I work on in my free time. I really enjoy learning new things, testing out ideas and exploring what’s on the horizon for web technologies. This only a sample of some of the technologies I tinker with.

Where The Trucks At Explore

While working in downtown Calgary, there was a park that hosted food trucks every lunch hour, but there was no easy way to know exactly what trucks were there. I found that most of the food trucks updated there info on Food Truck, so I used my Google Map skills and made a basic application to show me who would be there that day.

Trendsurferz Explore

The Twitter API was something I needed to explore for a project. I found it very interesting as to what data could be pushed and pulled. For a simple experiment, I had created to simple application to retrieve the global list of trending tags and have them link to Google Search.