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Gulp 4 for SCSS and JS

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What I Do

I am a full stack web developer that loves to build and learn. I’ve worked on projects for  small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and just great people.

I created this blog to act as a supplement to my GitHub projects and demonstrate what I was trying to accomplish, what worked, what failed and what I learned. There’s some random stuff on here, but I’ve learned its alright to go off on a tangent when it feels right.




About Mike

Self-exiled web developer, living in the Philippines, spending his days coding, studying and riding his motorbike.


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  • Cloud Employee Asia, Senior Full Stack Developer
  • CGI, Web Developer
  • Critical Mass, Front End Developer

Heme and I taking a walk to the new Capitol Building in Tagbilaran City.

This blog is meant to just share tidbits of knowledge I pick up along the way. For  in-depth courses, I highly recommend using Udemy, Skillshare, Pluralsight or O’Reilly Safari.